About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, Mylittlekini is an independent online retailer specializing in an exclusive range of fashionable products ranging from Bikini, Sunglasses, to Towels. We started our online store with the aim to provide beach lovers with high-quality Bikini, Sunglasses, and Towels that support their lifestyle, adding more to their beach leisure.

Our Products

At Mylittlekini, our beach inspired products are beautifully designed having the interest of the customers in mind. Unlike other online retailers, we pride ourselves on our passion for exploring the fashion industry and finding valuable products that are unique in style and design.

Crafted with soft and sensual fabrics, we love our products! It is what we wear, and we are incredibly proud to share with you. Our Bikini makes a perfect match with our towels, while our Sunglasses complete the outfit leaving you classy and gorgeous.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – To deliver excellent products with the outstanding shopping experience.

Our Vision

In a competitive marketplace where people continuous offer products online and at brick stores, we want to become one of the most widely recognized brands where one customer produces another through word of mouth.

Our Customers

Mylittlekini is more than just a brand! We love to make you feel great, beautiful and confident in gorgeous beach inspired outfits. With our products available at affordable prices, feel free to browse and make your purchase today!